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If you want to obtain a CDL Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), you will need to take written knowledge tests at your local DMV in the state where you have a driver’s license. The tests are based on information contained in your state CDL manual (available from your state). The CDL Manual has a lot of information that you will be tested on depending on the tests you need to take.

To help you learn the information so you can pass the tests, ProDriverU offers FREE tests and quizzes to help you study, memorize and learn the CDL concepts. Select the area(s) below that you want to practice. Take as many tests as you want and learn as you go! Once you start to get most of the test and quiz questions correct, you should be ready to go to the DMV and take the real test. The CLP test prep areas are just to help you practice similar questions, but you should also study your CDL manual.

Important Note about ELDT: Once you have obtained a CLP, you will need to complete required Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) at a training provider listed on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR). The tests you take at the DMV are different from ELDT. They are only to get the CLP. ELDT training is in addition to getting your permit. ELDT must include both “theory” and “skills” training. ProDriverU is an approved ELDT theory training provider. You will also need to select a skills training provider for the hands-on, behind the wheel skills training that ELDT requires.

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Free CDL Permit Practice Test Courses

General Knowledge

air brakes test

Air Brakes

combination vehicles

Combination Vehicles

doubles triples

Doubles & Triples



hazardous classes

Hazardous Materials

Why is ProDriverU's CDL Permit Prep Essential for You?

Navigating the world of Commercial Driving Licenses (CDL) can feel like assembling a complex puzzle. Each piece – or in our case, each test – plays a crucial role in shaping your skills and knowledge as a driver. Let's go piece by piece, shall we?

General Knowledge: This is your foundation. Like the base of a skyscraper, it's what everything else is built upon. You’ll tackle everything from road signs to intricate regulations. Get this right, and you're off to a strong start.

Air Brakes Test: Consider this your safety harness. For large vehicles, understanding air brakes is a non-negotiable. It's about ensuring every journey ends as safely as it began. With ProDriverU's dedicated tests, mastering this becomes second nature.

Combination Vehicles: This is akin to learning the gears of a clock. Each vehicle type, from tractor-trailers to truck and trailer combos, has its nuances. Grasping how they work individually and together is key.

Doubles & Triples: Think of this as upgrading from a bicycle to a motorcycle. It's not just about more wheels, but understanding the dynamics, coupling, uncoupling, and the added intricacies of maneuvering.

Tankers: This is your specialized toolkit. Transporting liquids, especially in large quantities, adds layers of complexity to driving due to the shifting nature of the cargo. But with focused practice, you'll be ready for the challenge.

Hazardous Materials: This is your advanced manual. It's not just about driving but ensuring safety and compliance when transporting potentially dangerous goods. ProDriverU ensures you're well-versed in every aspect of it.

Concluding Thoughts: Embarking on your journey to obtain a CDL is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Each section, each test, brings you closer to the bigger picture. With ProDriverU's free CDL Permit Practice Test, you've got all the right pieces in hand. Ready to complete your CDL puzzle with us?