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Frequently Asked Questions

The Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule requires that anyone who wants to get a Class A or B, upgrade from a B to an A, or get a Hazmat Endorsement, must complete an approved truck driver training program.

Anyone who wants to get a Class A or Class B CDL in any state must complete an approved ELDT program. Some endorsements also require ELDT training.

ProDriverU training is approved in all states within the U.S., except for Hazmat in Washington state.

The course is self-paced, and users are provided up to 90 days to complete the course.

When you successfully complete the course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion for your records. ProDriverU will also send notice of completion to the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR).

To access your certificate, login to ProDriverU. Go to My Courses and select Transcripts from the dropdown menu. Once you open your transcript, you will see an award icon under Certificates. Click on the award icon and your certificate will open.

There are about 30 topics that the federal rule requires. These include topics such as shifting, night driving, hours of service, backing, etc. ProDriverU covers all required ELDT topics. Please refer to ELDT Course Topics for a full list of topics.

Yes. You will be tested on all ELDT topics. You must score at least 80% on each topic.

At ProDriverU, we WANT you to succeed. If you do not pass the tests, you can continue to learn and take the tests until you obtain a score of 80%.

Yes. Once you complete the course, ProDriverU uploads your ELDT completion record to the TPR within 48 hours.

A permit should be obtained before you start the BTW driver skills training at a truck driving school.

Yes. Skills training must be taken separately at an approved training provider.

The ELDT requires that every driver be proficient in specific driving skills. Training must include vehicle inspection and backing skills, as well as road driving skills. An approved training provider must do the skills training and determine whether your driving skills are proficient.

Theory training is like classroom training. It provides the knowledge to safely drive a truck. The behind the wheel (BTW), or driving skills training, is hands-on instruction in a truck. Theory is knowledge-based, whereas driving is skills-based. ProDriverU covers only the ELDT theory training.

You must complete the ELDT program for an upgrade. The training requirements for an upgrade are somewhat reduced compared to the Class A training required.

There is no hourly requirement for ELDT. There are theory (knowledge) training requirements and behind the wheel (driving skill) proficiency requirements, but neither requires a specific amount of time. ProDriverU only covers the theory requirements for ELDT.

No. You will also need to complete your BTW skills training at an approved CDL training provider.

Absolutely! ProDriverU has a FREE course that has all the information you need to prepare for the CDL permit test.

The course includes General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination Vehicles training.

Yes, we have free CDL Permit prep courses as well as training on Doubles & Triples and Tanker and Hazmat.

ELDT is a federal rule contained in the regulations. A few states also have their own rules on CDL training, but the minimum requirement is to meet the federal ELDT standards for training.