5 Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather

December 23, 2022

5 Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather truck driving down
large freight truck on highway

Whether you are driving a car, a motorcycle, or an 18-wheeler, one of the scariest situations is driving during inclement or torrential weather. From rain to hail to crazy snow and ice storms, weather is one of the main causes of road accidents. So how do you ensure that you, your truck and others on the road are safe during inclement weather? With these tips! 

Make Wise Decisions 

As the ‘controller’ of the truck, it is up to you to think clearly and make wise decisions while driving in snow, rain, hail and more. If you are uncomfortable driving in the conditions, pull over safely and wait it out or park for the night. 

Work as a Team 

There will be other professional truck drivers on the same road as you. It is in your best interest to work as a team with these drivers to ensure your safety, along with the safety of others on the road. If you are going to pass a truck while driving in undesirable conditions, be sure to radio over and tell them you are doing so. This will assist you in safely passing and provide the other truck driver with safety as well. 

Always Complete a Pre-Trip Inspection 

Especially during terrible weather, it is best to thoroughly complete your pre-trip inspection. There is nothing worse than running out of fuel, breaking down, or dealing with another issue during a storm.  

Give Yourself Space 

If you drive to close to the edge of the road or the bumper of another truck or car, an accident is just waiting to happen. The best thing you can do while driving in a storm is to give yourself space to safely drive on the road. Keep your distance from other vehicles, and they will in turn be safe. 

Slow Down! 

As with any situation, driving at a slow pace will thwart any possibility of an accident. Slowing down will help you, your truck and your cargo make it safely to your final destination. 

By following these tips, you can ensure that you, your truck, and others will be safer on the road during bad weather. Stay safe this winter!

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